Wall Climbing Robot

“WallWalker” is a robot which adheres to a wall or ceiling using a suction cup technology potentially.
Cleaning and maintaining wall or ceiling surfaces are difficult to access and very dangerous for people.
We believe that “WallWalker” provides safety and convenience for cleaning, inspecting, maintaining, painting and surveiling outside and inside walls, windows and ceilings of various buildings.


The basic mechanism

“WallWalker” has a mechanism to climb on walls and ceilings. This mechanism consists of a special suction cup technology and custom built drive-wheels.The suction cup technology is made of a particular material which glides smoothly, as well as adheres to surfaces by controlling the vacuum pressure inside the suction cup.


Current applications

“Window cleaning”

“WallWalker” can run around the surface of a window and clean large scale windows easily. After we push a “start” button, “WallWalker” goes up on the window glass along the window frame, measuring the window size by sensors. After it got the top of the window, it makes a right-angle turn and begins to move sideways. It cleans all the surface of the window, repeating a zigzag movement as it comes down the window.